Monday, November 30


MY NEW PRETTY BLOG IS DONE! Change your feeds people. I am peace-in' out of good ol' blogger. Blogger has been good to me, but sometimes you have to say goodbye. So, come on and check out my new digs...


Thursday, November 12

No Lies : Kansas City Photographer

Okay folks. No lies here. I have received a few emails regarding my lack of blogging. I am still alive. I will resume blogging SO soon you won't be able to believe it! A new blog and new website are set to go live before the end of the month! Then, I will be back. I have so much to share: Mr. B is walking and talking, David is still my main squeeze and new sessions. Oh, the sessions!

Stay tuned for a link to my new, butt kickin', blog!

Tuesday, October 27

Peace Out Yo

I am going to be out of pocket the rest of this week. Since you know me and my sick obsession with my iPhone you know you can always reach me by e-mail, (ek (underscore) jensen (at)

P.S. It is almost November. I love November. I am not sure why, but I just do!

Monday, October 26

That Husband of Mine

Let me say. I am spoiled. This I know. I don't care though. Since I have been with David I am not sure that I have pumped my own gas, but maybe 3 times.

One day last week my car was almost out of gas. Then, David took my car on some errands. When, he came back I asked him if he happened to put gas in my car while he was out. He said no, but the empty light was no on yet. I rolled my eyes and forgot about it.

The next morning was Friday. I had and early doctor's appointment. By early I mean 10 a.m. For me this is early. As soon as I sat my buns in that driver's seat I remembered. Gas. Dang it! When I looked at the gauge. It said full. That husband of mine woke up extra early for work to go and put gas in my car.

Seriously? Am I really this blessed? It seems as though I am.

I hope all you readers are hanging in there with me. I know my postings have been coming few and far between. David and I have a lot going on in life these days. Stay tuned though. There is a new blog and website on the horizon. I am so excited to share it all with you soon!