Monday, October 26

That Husband of Mine

Let me say. I am spoiled. This I know. I don't care though. Since I have been with David I am not sure that I have pumped my own gas, but maybe 3 times.

One day last week my car was almost out of gas. Then, David took my car on some errands. When, he came back I asked him if he happened to put gas in my car while he was out. He said no, but the empty light was no on yet. I rolled my eyes and forgot about it.

The next morning was Friday. I had and early doctor's appointment. By early I mean 10 a.m. For me this is early. As soon as I sat my buns in that driver's seat I remembered. Gas. Dang it! When I looked at the gauge. It said full. That husband of mine woke up extra early for work to go and put gas in my car.

Seriously? Am I really this blessed? It seems as though I am.

I hope all you readers are hanging in there with me. I know my postings have been coming few and far between. David and I have a lot going on in life these days. Stay tuned though. There is a new blog and website on the horizon. I am so excited to share it all with you soon!

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