Sunday, June 28

Snow White is a Diva

I didn't want to tell you all like this, but Snow White is a Diva. I also have to tell you something else. I love every second of it.

Little Miss Snow White (a.k.a. Gina's daughter Audrey) is all that and a bag of chips. She is the oldest of Gina's brood of 3 and as dramatic as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind. Audrey also has the looks: big blue eyes, fair skin and blond locks that really just make your heart melt.

I have the pleasure of hangin' with Gina about once a week. Okay. Let me be real. I am at Gina's about 3 times a week. Audrey is such a little woman. She wants to be with the adults and is always interjecting her two cents. The crazy thing? She is usually right on the money! You can often find Audrey asking me for some gum, bossing (I mean directing) her sibling, Kimbal (2) and Jillian (1) on just what they need to be doing. Audrey has also coined the phrase, Oh My, because she says it all the time.

Above all of those a fore mentioned attributes she is a diva who loves lip gloss. And... she does all her own poses. No, seriously. I didn't pose her once. She did it all on her own! Just look:







Isn't she just stunning? Gina I hope that you are pleased with what you see so far! You all can also catch more of Audrey and her siblings on my facebook ( photo galleries.

Up next, Audrey's bro, Kimbal.


gina said...

i am laughing/crying right now. those pictures are audrey 100%. and the introduction of her and her little personality a couldn't be more accurate!!! thank you so much!

Morgan said...

wow those pics are awesome!! And such a beautiful girl too! :)

Anna M said...

I love the one with the foot tilt