Friday, July 17

And We're Off

I know, I have been absent from blogging, but a birthday is a big thing you know? This is how big in fact.

The night before my birthday David and I were talking, pillow talk if you will (whatever that is). I said that I could not believe that is was already my birthday. My birthday means the end of Summer is near. Okay, I exaggerate. It really just means that I am one year older, by older I mean wiser. My birthday, in my mind, means Summer is almost over. I digress. Sorry. So, we were laying in bed. The conversation, pillow talk, went a bit like this...

I said, I cannot believe it is my birthday.
David says, Yeah, I cannot believe that you are turning 26. I crack up.
I tell David, Time must really fly when you are having fun because I am turning 27.
We laugh, hysterically.
He asks if I was joking.
I say, no. I am really turning 27. Then, I call him a cradle robber.
We laugh, hysterically... again.
Then, I told My Beloved, Time only stands still when you are 29. After 29 you just keep turning 29... over and over and over again.
David says, Note taken.
We laugh, hysterically... yet again and then fall asleep.

Yep friends. Eventful, huh? Really by birthday day was wonderful. Low key, balloons, an ice cream cake, gifts. Of course there were gifts and calls. One call was from Elias.

Um... seriously the last time that Elias called me on my birthday was 5 years ago. We met our very first day of college, Freshman year and have been E Squared ever sense. He is one of my favorite besties, but he was never good about that kind of thing. I just learned not to take it personally. I mean, I guess, it was okay that every one's world did not revolve around me. Anyway, he calls. Says, happy birthday and asks me what I am doing over the coming weekend. I think... I cannot think of anything super and say nothing. He says that I am coming to Chicago.

Folks I am in Chicago. Really doing nothing, but hanging out with my best bud. We have watched a marathon of 16 and Pregnant and are going to eat Chipotle. That is how we roll. We plan on rockin' it out at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

So, until I get back, my favorite picture from my last trip with the other half of E Squared will have to do. Happy Friday


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One of a dozen said...

Hey Erin! Happy belated birthday :) I hope you had a blast in Chicago!

I guess it's about time I let you in on my secret blog. Ta-da. I'm a blogger, baby! So feel free to read my self-indulgent overshares (or not). Welcome back and have a great 27th (28th?) year!