Thursday, August 6


I am not going to lie to you all. Facebook has been down all morning and I think that I might hyperventalate! Facebook needs to get it together... for my sanity! In the words of TAMN, for rills.

I am also having a CASTING CALL for a few ideas that I have. I need a couple (engaged, dating, married... I don't care) who wants to have some fun! The session MUST be this evening (Thursday), Friday or Saturday evening. The couple who donates their time time will get a minimum of 5 (prob. more) edited images and a copyright printing release so they can print as many as they would like. Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested! You can facebook me at, or email me at ek_jensen@yahoo! Help me out here folks!

***Update: Couples Casting Call is closed! Thanks facebook for working! I have an awesome couple who is up the the challenge and quite a few more on the waitlist!***

Since a post is never as good without a picture. Here you go. My FAV couple image ever... to date!


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Nick and Stacy Stevens said...

We're pretty much the hottest people ever. Especially now with my disgusting belly. lol