Sunday, August 9

Sitting on Top of the World

In the words of Audrey, Oh My. What a weekend this has been! Busy to say the least, but I am not sure that I would have it any other way! My Couples Casting Call was a success.

Gina, the Momma of these little cuties, got back to me first. So, she and her hubby Orin, went on a little ride with me!

My absolute favorite!

Not my usual black and white edit, but I love it all the same.

I just love how she is looking at him!

I am loving this smoky black and white right now!

I am glad that these little girls have not idea what is going on behind them!

I think the almost kiss is even better than a real kiss in photos.

Seriously? This image is so hot! Children avert your eyes.

So hot I could not decided between color and black and white! These two are too foxy for words right now!

We felt like we were sitting on top of the world riding this Ferris Wheel. In reality we only had a view of Gardner, Kansas. Yes, I said Gardner, Kansas. Yes, it is as small of a town as the name makes it sound.

Thanks again Orin and Gina! No couple as rocked a The Johnson County Fair or a Ferris Wheel quite like you!


Morgan said...

WOW! Those turned out awesome! Very sexy pictures! :)

onehm said...

Seriously awesome! Wishing I was closer so that my DH and I could have "modeled" for you.

Love the colors.