Monday, September 7

I'll Be Back : Kansas City Photographer

First, let me say thanks for the thoughtful comments and emails. My blog readers are the best. I am certain of it!

David and I are okay, but we have a lot to think about. I feel like the world has stopped, but when I look around I realize that it hasn't. We just wish that it had. While I will continue though my branding process (photog talk) I have stopped production on my new website and blog indefinitely. I need time to think.

I am giving myself until October 1. Then, it will be back to my usual blogging.

I am still working and booking sessions. I can be reached though my email ek [underscore] jensen [at] yahoo [dot] com ( Should you have a session booked and need anything or you would like to reserve a session my email is the best way to reach me.

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Nick and Stacy Stevens said...

Come back, I miss your postings... sniff.