Saturday, October 3

Bus Full of Bullies


As a kid I was not one for arguing or fighting. Not at home and certainly not at school. Besides *maybe* hitting my sister, Kyle, for stealing one of my many coveted My Little Ponies I had never hit anyone. Until that day. That day on the bus.

Every morning, when my Mom was already at work my Dad was the one that made us picture perfect for school. *If* my Dad got us ready in time we rode the bus to Walnut Grove Elementary School. Riding the bus in the morning was questionable. However, in the afternoon, when that 3:30 p.m. dismissal bell rang I knew to high tail it to Larry's Bus #52 to go home.

The bus ride home was by far not my favorite part of the day. I was tired. The kids were loud and the back of my brown legs always stuck to the synthetic leather seat. Not to mention the fact I was always perturbed at why this bus, that transported kids, had no seat belts.

I could never forget that I was brown on the bus. I was teased mercilessly. I am not sure when it started, but every afternoon... without fail I was reminded in the nastiest of ways. Black-y. Brownie. Afro-head. Curly top. Occasionally the N word would fly. One I couldn't take anymore. I had enough. A boy, Brett, called me an Oreo. He called me an Oreo. I was up and out of my synthetic leather, non-seat belted seat so fast I think I may have had lightning up my butt. I punched him. I balled up my fist as tight at I could and I punched him. I punched him once. As hard as I possibly could in the stomach. Larry's Bus #52 was never the same.

I can honestly say that now, looking back, the only thing that kept me from a major meltdown everyday of my Walnut Grove Elementary School life was knowing my Mom would be waiting for my siblings and me at the bus stop. Everyday. Monday though Friday. I knew she would waiting for us so we could get the mail and walk home together.

I only told his story because this week is Bully Prevention Week and bullies are real! I am sure almost everyone can remember a time they were bullied. It stinks! Being bullied can reshape how a child looks at themselves. It can make them feel less than they are. I hope that this week everyone with kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, etc. will remember to talk to them about what bullying is and how they can make sure that they are not one!



*Please know that I am in NO way saying that violence is a good way to address those pesky bullies! When kids are pushed to their brink, however, they can act out of the ordinary. I mean I only fight when My Ponies need me!*


Laura said...

Erin, I am soooo glad you punched that little !$%!>. He totally deserved it. I would have done the same thing. You go girl!! Ha!

Morgan said...

I'm glad you stood up for yourself! He deserved what he got and I can't believe the things you were called. I'm a little confused though..because the pic you used to have posted at the top of your blog looked white, YOU looked white..?
I love your are so talented! :)

One of a dozen said...

Kids can be jerks. I'm sorry you had to experience all of that. I really think parents have a responsibility to teach their kids to accept differences in each other. No one should allow their kids to be bullies.

Nick and Stacy Stevens said...

You are seriously going to make me cry. I am so sorry this had to happen to you. People are just so ignorant. I blame the boys parents along with him. Clearly he wasn't taught well at home. Grrr...

D Jaze said...

Reading this post reminds me of the saying, "don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes." If all of us posted the awful things each of us had to endure thru the years, we'd probably be more understanding of one another. Why, oh why, does the world have to be so cruel?