Friday, July 31

Shake Your Booty

I just could not resist posting this. It has been going around the blog world. I finally watched it this morning and could not help but sway in my seat a little bit. Even Binx was shakin' it. I swear.

Wednesday, July 29

Bless Me For I Have Sinned

Dear Calorie Gods,

Please forgive me. I have no idea how many calories I consumed eating this, but I know you do. Under no condition do I want the Calorie Spirit to make me aware of the amount of calories I actually ate. I will repent later.

Regretfully Yours,

Sunday, July 26

Ganja Queen

Since David has decided that he could not live with out ESPN, we now have cable again. Thanks to this turn of events I have been reaping the benefits of our On Demand options. Endless movies and, my favorite, documentaries.

One of my favorite movies is Brokedown Palace. Maybe you have seen it. Two unassuming girls travel overseas for a vacation. Fun in the Sun, if you will. However, the fun is never had. They are arrested for drug trafficing. Accused of being mules.

You hear of the stories. You watch the movies. You know that it is real, but you have never been able to put a face with the stories you hear. Until now. Meet Schapelle Corby. Schapelle as been labeled the Ganja Queen in Bali, Indonesia.


This documentary Ganja Queen was great! Real life at its scariest for this Australian. You will have to watch it and see if she is sentenced to execution or not. I give it 3.75 stars. Is .75 allowed in the rating scale? Oh, well. See it!

Thursday, July 23

Love Equals

Much to David's dismay. I am in love. In love with Lululemon! Can you say Dance Studio Pant II?

Tuesday, July 21

Box Cutters are Sharp

Box cutters are sharp. Just ask David's thumb. Yep, you guessed it. David cut, or should I say fillet-ed his thumb at work today with a box cutter. Why he was cutting open a box when he has someone who's job it is to open all the boxes for him, I may never know.

In any affect, the doctor said that he was lucky. Barely missed needing stitches and causing real damage. He was glued back together (literally), wrapped up and sent on his way. How good is David? He went back to work and finished the day.

As, sympathy for his thumb (of course) we at dinner at Red Robin. I also felt the need to be puny with him and watch TV... all evening.

Please send happy healing vibes to David and his thumb!

*I have omitted a picture for you sake. Ick!*

Friday, July 17

And We're Off

I know, I have been absent from blogging, but a birthday is a big thing you know? This is how big in fact.

The night before my birthday David and I were talking, pillow talk if you will (whatever that is). I said that I could not believe that is was already my birthday. My birthday means the end of Summer is near. Okay, I exaggerate. It really just means that I am one year older, by older I mean wiser. My birthday, in my mind, means Summer is almost over. I digress. Sorry. So, we were laying in bed. The conversation, pillow talk, went a bit like this...

I said, I cannot believe it is my birthday.
David says, Yeah, I cannot believe that you are turning 26. I crack up.
I tell David, Time must really fly when you are having fun because I am turning 27.
We laugh, hysterically.
He asks if I was joking.
I say, no. I am really turning 27. Then, I call him a cradle robber.
We laugh, hysterically... again.
Then, I told My Beloved, Time only stands still when you are 29. After 29 you just keep turning 29... over and over and over again.
David says, Note taken.
We laugh, hysterically... yet again and then fall asleep.

Yep friends. Eventful, huh? Really by birthday day was wonderful. Low key, balloons, an ice cream cake, gifts. Of course there were gifts and calls. One call was from Elias.

Um... seriously the last time that Elias called me on my birthday was 5 years ago. We met our very first day of college, Freshman year and have been E Squared ever sense. He is one of my favorite besties, but he was never good about that kind of thing. I just learned not to take it personally. I mean, I guess, it was okay that every one's world did not revolve around me. Anyway, he calls. Says, happy birthday and asks me what I am doing over the coming weekend. I think... I cannot think of anything super and say nothing. He says that I am coming to Chicago.

Folks I am in Chicago. Really doing nothing, but hanging out with my best bud. We have watched a marathon of 16 and Pregnant and are going to eat Chipotle. That is how we roll. We plan on rockin' it out at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

So, until I get back, my favorite picture from my last trip with the other half of E Squared will have to do. Happy Friday


Monday, July 13

On this day...

... a certain number of years ago I was born.

Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, July 12

Great Wolf Lodge

I am pretty skeptical of anywhere that I have to wear contacts. Let alone a swimsuit. I love accessories. I love glasses. I used to love swimsuits. I consider my glasses my main accessory. Besides the fact that I cannot see without them, I love them. I have tons (to say the least) and I rotate through them depending on my outfit. I consider myself an accessory maven who was once skinny, and liked swimsuits.

So, when I acquired an opportunity to go to The Great Wolf Lodge this weekend I was less than enthusiastic. I mean come on. A big hotel. A big pool. Tons of kids. Noise. Ick. A trip to this place required me to put in contacts and dawn a swimsuit. Seriously, not excited. All I was thinking was, the things I do for my husband to have fun. Oh, was I wrong.

This place...

The red arrow is pointing at our table. Rock star people watching spot!


ROCKED! It was HUGE. There were a lot of people there, but you never would have known. David, Mom, Mr. B and I loved every minute of our time there! When we were not swimming or slidin' the people watching was superb. JFTR (just for the record), people watching is one of my most favorite activities.

Mr. B was cold, but was not having any part of not being in the water with this Uncle Dae-Dae. He loved it all! His favorite were the fountains that came out of the floor. He could not get enough. He was laughing non-stop, (trying) to talking to anyone that would listen. Not to mention that he was a total hit (with the ladies young and old) because he was laughing and splashing so hard.


See? Look at him! He would not sit still for one second. David tried about 50 times to get a pic of him. This was the best of the lot!

The pools were not to hot or too cold. The lifeguards were friendly. The food was yummy (thanks Mom). The place was SO clean.I totally give this place an A+ and we cannot wait to return. Infact, our next family staycation is already booked for the Fall !

Pictures thanks to the trusty iPhone. Don't leave home without one! Especially when you bring your point and shoot with no battery!

Friday, July 10

I Wish They Were Mine

Really I just love the UPS delivery person. I feel like everyday is Christmas when that big brown truck stops in front of my house. Today when I left to meet a friend for lunch, I had totally forgotten that there would be a surprise coming. When I arrived home I saw the big boxes on our stoop and my heart nearly skipped a beat. Look at some of what UPS brought me today:



These are some of the prints I ordered earlier this week for a project that I am working. 20 x 30, standouts on metallic paper. Heaven! Check back to see where these beautiful new prints home is going to be!

P.S. I just told David that I need to order some stuff for our house now. His response? How much is this going to cost me? Bless his heart.

Wednesday, July 8

New Product : Client Proof Book

I just wanted to share what, I think is a fun new thing that I am offering to all of my clients. Starting now, included in my current session fee, all of my clients will get this great book:


This book is what I am calling my Client Proof Book. This book is going to have every photo that I edit from your session with me. For keeps. Cool, huh?



Every book is 4 x 6 and bound with beautiful images from your session. This will apply for all sessions that are currently scheduled with me. If you are a client who has already had your session contact me if you would like one!

Monday, July 6


Because our friends N and S have been on my mind lately. Because I was looking though my sessions for something unedited and new to me. Because I never post photos from sessions that have grain in them. Because love makes me happy. Just because.


Sunday, July 5

In the Name of Love

Everyone knows that my favorite blog to read is Jasmine Star's blog. Jasmine not only gives you a glimpse of her life with her husband JD and their dog Polo, but into her art. Recently she introduced us to her sister, Bianca, and Bianca's passion.

On her blog, Bianca describes herself as a speaker and teacher of the Bible who's greatest joy is giving a little glimpse of God to those who feel like they can no longer see Him. Amen to that! I don't know her, but her words, both spoken and written are amazing. I am not going to lie. I try and not read her blog for a week or more just for the spiritually experience I have when I can read them all at once.

Bianca also shares videos from her speaking engagements. This is one of my favorites. Seriously, amazing.

Check her out on her website and blog. Be prepared to be spiritually fed!

Yes Bianca and Jasmine, they look alike. They are identical twins.

Friday, July 3

America Rocks

David and I are wishing all my eBFFs a fun filled Independence Day weekend. I know we are excited for David to have the extra time off! This weekend means it is my sister, Kyle's birthday and mine is just around the corner. Our birthdays are only 11 days a part.

Enjoy the weekend and try not to forget how blessed we as Americans truly are!

Since a post is never as good without a picture and I am in love with little Jillian: